Casa María

Welcome to this delightful rustic single-family Mediterranean style chalet!

Located in Godella, a mere 15 minutes from Valencia city, this location offers a variety of settings perfect for productions that require a Mediterranean backdrop, including content creation, interviews, filming, photo sessions, streaming, music videos, and advertising projects.

Outside, a rustic entrance is surrounded by local shrubs such as rosemary and thyme, and the vibrant garden is a veritable green oasis complete with a small but inviting swimming pool.

The exterior of the house features features stone-clad walls, verandas with wicker furniture, and a barbecueall providing a perfect setting for casual gatherings or natural, laid-back shots.

Inside, the home is a blend of refined taste and timeless elegance. Neutral tones and unique decorative pieces infuse every corner with plenty of personality to visually elevate your projects.

At the heart of the home is the living room. Its stately but modern fireplace will add character to all your shots.

The heavy wooden front door is an artefact in itself and will transport you back in time to a different world.

Whether you’re filming a music video, capturing the essence of a product in a photo shoot, or hosting an inspiring interview, our rustic Mediterranean style chalet will surpass your every expectation and bring your projects to life.


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