Hogar del Alma


Welcome to this film-friendly creative sanctuary for all your audiovisual projects!

Introducing Hogar del Alma, ‘the home of the soul’, a delightful, open-plan country home and a versatile space that’s sure to bring your ideas and creative projects to life. From content creation to film shoots, interviews, or photo sessions with flair, this location offers the perfect backdrop for every production.

The allure of wooden decor forms the soul of this spaceo. With sturdy exposed beams and an airy interior design, this house will wrap you up in a cosy embrace that is both authentic and inspiring.

If you’re in search of a venue for creating wellness content, this home’s expansive upper level is perfect for yoga, physiotherapy, or any activity that requires tranquillity and spaciousness.

The exposed stone walls add a touch of character to every corner, offering a visually captivating backdrop.

Another highlight is the hydraulic tile flooring with floral motifs, a work of art in itself that adds elegance and authenticity.

Whether you’re planning a photoshoot, a live stream, or your next music video, this rustic, open-plan house is ready to become the canvas for your imagination.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of its woodwork, the history of its walls, and the elegance of its tiled floors as you bring your creative vision to life.

¡Te esperamos para hacer magia juntos!

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