A film-friendly apartment in Seville.

This charming flat can help shape audiovisual projects such as photo shoots, interviews, and content creation.

We are excited to introduce this vintage and modern-style apartment that offers all the contemporary comforts you need.

This property is ideal for those in search of a modern and contemporary backdrop. The apartment is meticulously decorated, with balconies that capture the magical light of Seville in every shot.

The bright rooms showcase the white walls and wooden furniture, providing a perfect canvas for any story you wish to tell. The marble floors add elegance and sophistication, elevating the ambiance and providing a timeless background for your scenes.

The kitchen has modern appliances, making it a useful and adaptable space for various time periods and shooting styles. In addition, the property has a community pool that provides not just a gorgeous visual element, but also a special opportunity for visually captivating water shots or moments of relaxation.

Whether you’re shooting a period film or a contemporary production, our property in Seville offers a variety of settings in one location. Every corner is infused with a , giving your film projects an unparalleled sense of authenticity.

We welcome you to discover the charm and versatility of this space firsthand!

Mairena is well-equipped to breathe life into your ideas, whether content creation, TV interviews or podcasts, film productions or themed photoshoots.

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Contact us for further details about our services and availability. We are excited to be part of your next project or event. If you are looking for accommodation for your guests or your team, we have a large selection of additional properties available for lodging.


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Key Features

Decorative features
Neutral tones
Type of space
Architectural elements
MarbleNatural light

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