Terraza Lander


Welcome to our exclusive terrace for events with breathtaking views of Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences!

Located in the heart of the city, this spectacular terrace can accommodate up to 25 guests and offers a perfect space for an array of events, from private tastings, cocktail parties, and gatherings to content creation, interviews, corporate presentations, and networking events. The terrace is fully equipped with all the necessary furnishings to ensure your gathering is carried off in both comfort and style.

The terrace’s panoramic views also make it an ideal setting for audiovisual projects, including film shoots, photo sessions, or music videos. Whatever your project, every shot will be enhanced by the backdrop of Valencia’s urban splendour and the architectural marvel that is the City of Arts and Sciences.

For more details on availability and services, please get in touch. We’re eager to be part of your upcoming project or event.

Should you need accommodations for your guests or team near this venue, we also have additional properties available.

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Contact us for further details about our services and availability. We are excited to be part of your next project or event. If you are looking for accommodation for your guests or your team, we have a large selection of additional properties available for lodging.


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