Villa Laurel


A rustic, film-friendly, terracotta-coloured villa in Dénia with spacious rooms and a large tree-filled garden.

This gem of a location blends rustic charm and modern elegance.

It provides an ideal setting for a wide variety of celebrations: private tastings, events, product shoots, content creation, interviews, photo sessions, music videos, and filming.

The villa’s unique terracotta colour makes it perfect for period projects and romantic celebrations. The expansive garden provides a natural oasis surrounded by a wide lawn, a private pool, and palm trees. Each corner of the exterior offers a stunning backdrop.

Inside, the spacious rooms decorated in warm tones provide a dreamlike stage for your projects. The elegant fusion of modernist furniture with a rustic style will add a touch of sophistication to every shot. Your images will tell stories of both modern times and times past with elegance.

The large terrace and spacious porch, equipped with high-quality outdoor furniture, offer versatile options for your outdoor shots. Don’t miss the chance to capture the intimate atmosphere around the fireplace that envelops the living room, adding a touch of warmth and camaraderie to your takes.

The rustic, terracotta-coloured floor will add visual interest to every shot, enhancing each frame with its unique texture. And the magical charm of the kitchen cannot be overlooked. Its refreshing green colour and wooden furniture create a captivating space that invites creativity and authenticity.

Whether you’re filming memorable scenes or planning events, Villa Laurel offers an appealing backdrop. This property combines rustic realism with modern elements, creating a space that will inspire you and provide the flexibility you need to bring your visions to life.

Get ready to capture unforgettable moments in an exceptional setting!

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