Bonworking: A versatile space in Valencia’s famous orchards.

Discover an inspiring setting for audiovisual productions, private tastings, celebrations, content creation, interviews, events, exhibitions, podcast recording, networking, presentations, product shooting, corporate meetings, filming, photo sessions, and streaming.

Immerse yourself in a perfect blend of traditional Valencian architecture and creative, innovative style at Bonworking. This venue, situated in a traditional early 1900s house in l’Horta Nord de Valencia, has been fully restored and equipped to offer unique experiences in a singular setting.

The space’s design offers diverse options for audiovisual productions and events. From a shared work area to private offices, a meeting room, a loft with two spacious study and relaxation areas, to a fully-equipped kitchen, an expansive outdoor terrace, and a charming garden with a grill – this property is perfect for recordings, shoots, and team-building activities.

Facilities include work desks, chairs, lighting, a TV, and a projector for presentations. The meeting and training room can accommodate up to 10, and the two separate rooms are comfortable for approximately 8 people each.

More than just an inspiring space, Bonworking is committed to the environment. The installed solar panels reduce energy impact and ensure sustainability. Comfort is prioritised with underfloor heating and air purifiers equipped with EPA filters for COVID safety. Careful restoration of part of the hydraulic flooring and preservation of the original beams maintain the location’s historical charm.

Visit Bonworking to experience the perfect venue for your audiovisual projects, meetings, and unforgettable events in the heart of Valencia’s orchard!

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