Casa Camarena

Country-style chalet, perfect for filming and audiovisual productions that require a rustic yet classic vibe.

¡Realiza tus producciones audiovisuales en nuestra impresionante casa campestre!

Located in Bétera, Valencia, this magnificent rustic house stands out for its style and expansive garden.

Inside, the space is characterised by dark wood and warm tones. The large living room offers a cosy setting that’s full of personality, centred around impressive fireplace.

The wooden ceiling beams give a feel of rustic authenticity, while the chandeliers add a touch of classic elegance, striking a perfect balance between the traditional and the sophisticated.

But the real magic happens outside: expansive porches with classic garden furniture are perfect for interviews, vintage-style photo sessions, or even recording podcasts surrounded by the tranquillity of nature. Imagine capturing the essence of your music videos in the midst of this picturesque setting, or conducting film shoots set against an elegant country backdrop.

The lush lawn encircling the property is inviting for photo shoots, advertising productions, and even live streaming against this beautiful natural backdrop.

Every corner is an opportunity to capture your creative vision in an atmosphere that radiates authenticity and charm.

In other words, our classic-style country chalet is much more than a location; it is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed by your creativity.

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